Advanced Lithium Battery Energy Storage



To be a reliable global partner to supply High-quality lithium ferro phosphate batteries.

Land acquired

0 sq mt

In Tamil Nadu for state-of-the-art battery manufacturing facilities and future expansions.


0 GWh

Li Energy’s Giga factory with a capacity of 2 GWh will be operational by December 2024

Scaled to 20 GWh for battery output by 2030

Innovations designed to empower change and sustainability

At Li Energy, we are dedicated to paving the way for a cleaner, more advanced future. Our journey began in 2019 with a simple yet powerful vision – to provide top-notch energy solutions that prioritize quality and safety. Today, we stand proud as a global leader, recognized for our exceptional product lineup.

Flying Bat
Our mission is to pioneer innovation in the energy sector, catalyzing a sustainable shift towards electric mobility and energy storage
solutions. We are driven by the bold vision of achieving independence from imports, leading the way towards a cleaner, more
advanced energy


Prismatic LFP Technology ensures high safety and reliability.


Up to 10,000 life cycles and warranties up to
10 years.


Volumetric energy density exceeding 210 Wb/L for space-saoving solutions.


Advanced robotic assembly with laser welding for top-notch quality.

Global Partnership

Advanced research and development exploring new chemistries with global partners

Affordable Cost

High Volume Production capacity of 20 GWh, brings down the cost of battery with superior quality.